One World 


A Community Of The World's Most Powerful Metaphysicians

One World Metaphysicians 
The World's Best Professional Metaphysicians, Intuitives,
 Psychics, Healers, Mediums & Astrologers 

One World Metaphysicians

*One World* psychics and healers is a community of the highest quality 

professionals in the metaphysical field. 

All of these powerful energy workers, mediums, visionaries and 

astrologers are the world's best in their area of expertise. 

This group is of one heart and mind; 

seeking to use magical skills in world service without ego or agenda. 

At your service! 


Sarah Delamere HUrding 


Seer, Healer & Manifestor

Dating & Relationship Coach

Astrologer ~ StarSelf

Evidential Psychic Medium

Transformational Catalyst

Navitas Energy Coach

Astrosopher & Sacred Dancer

The Prosperity Alchemist

World Renowned EFT Expert

Peace Facilitator /Astrologer

Psychic Sleuth ~ Cold Cases

Amy M Cannatta 

Business & Vib. Living Coach

 The Cosmic Heart Resonator

Harrison Klein

Consciousness Master

Presenter  & Acoustic Wizard

Neurofeedback Practitioner

Channel & Spiritual Teacher

Carol Ann Moore

Medium & Healer

Ayurvedic DR Cleanse Guru

Melissa Hevenor

4th Dimension Advisor

Paloma Cervantes

Mexican Shaman /Curandera

Emmanuel Dagher

Global Humanitarian

 Medium & Reiki Master

Transformational Specialist

Intuitive & Problem Solver

Leeat Fleischer


Transformational Catalyst

Reiki Master~ Energy Wizard

Cathy H Burroughs

Astrologer & Medium

Empath for Animals in Spirit

Lauren L'Amour

Spiritual Mentor 4 Women

Sane Psychic & BIS Syndicate

 Nicole B Williamson

Animal Communicator

Macaya P McNally

Accelerated Light Healing

Spiritual Light Body Mentor

Canadian Psychic Medium

Lanna Spencer

Multidimensional Psychic

Akashic Expert & Teacher

Lynn Waldrop

The Body Channel

Medium & Psychic Teacher

Evidential Medium Teacher

Judy Satori

Channeler of 12 x DNA Code

Quantum Lightweaver

Channel & Spirit Whisperer 

New York Psychic Medium

Marcia B Mariner

Heart Centered Coach

Intuitive Spiritual Guide

Founder of VibesUP

Healer & Frequency Master

Meryl Brinin

Accelerated Light Healing

Counselor, Author & Coach

 Medium & Spiritual Teacher

Connie K Aramento

Holistic Health Coach

John Of God

 Medium & Psychic Surgeon

Nidhu Kapoor

Indian Healers Panel

Acclaimed Medium 

Astrologer, medium, shaman 



Soul Mates & Counselling

Creator of QuantumThink®