One World 


Belle Salisbury

Psychic Medium & Spiritual Counselor

Belle is a gifted internationally recognized Psychic Medium and Spiritual Counselor who is known for her natural ability since childhood to bring through messages from those in the spirit world. Belle believes her abilities are a soul quality which she came in with on the earth realm. She chooses to honor God with her gifts in all that she does within her psychic work, often donating her services for charities and fund raisers within her local community.

She has spent many years in the study of spirituality and the psychic realm earning a Doctorate in Metaphysics. She chooses to use her vast knowledge of the spirit realm and the paranormal by teaching others how to develop their own abilities. Belle is a highly respected instructor bringing her knowledge to you in a method which is easy to understand.

Belle has appeared on TV, Radio, in Newspaper publications and has taught in Lily Dale, NY. Several of Belle’s home investigations have been included in the books “Still More Haunted Northern New York” and “Weird Northern New York” by Cheri Revai Farnsworth.

Communicating With The Other Side

Spirit communication validates the existence of another world, the spirit world; a place not separated by distance, but by dimension. The spirit world exists on a different vibration than our earthly world. It is helpful to think of it as frequency, much like a radio has many different frequencies.

As a Medium, Belle raises her vibration while spirit lowers theirs to make a connection. It is through this connection that Belle is able to see and hear spirit communication from your Angels, Spirit Guides, or departed loved ones. Oftentimes spirit will communicate through feelings or symbols rather than with words. Belle is able to understand this method of communication in delivering messages from your loved ones.


As a medium, Belle demonstrates her abilities as a clairaudient, clairvoyant and clairsentient attuning herself to this higher frequency, along with the effort of those in the spirit world, to allow this communication to take place. The communication process of mediumship is a bridge between two worlds that connect us with our departed loved ones helping to bring closure, resolve and healing.

Belle is often called upon to offer assistance in locating missing persons and murder investigations; a service she does not charge for. She is able to see through the eyes of the victim often giving details of the event; description of the perpetrator/s, vehicles, and the location of the crime.

Belle radiates truth and integrity in all her work as a Psychic, Medium, and Spiritual Teacher, and is sincerely devoted to her work with spirit. Belle’s intention is to help others on their journey through spiritual education and enlightenment.

Belle teaches classes and seminars throughout the United States and is available for lectures, demonstrations and group Message Circles for your business or club organization. Please call for more information and pricing.

Belle offers psychic readings by appointment for those seeking guidance. With your permission, your Angels and Spirit Guides are called forth to obtain information that will help you along your life journey, assisting you in understanding your life lessons. During the readings, family members often come forward allowing Belle to deliver messages from your loved ones that have crossed over.

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