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Brian Hunter

Psychic Counselor, Skilled Healer & Magical Guru

Brian Hunter is an old soul with psychic abilities in the areas of Psychic Couselor, Empath, Medium, Clairvoyant, Healer, and Investigator.  Brian combines those gifts with experience, knowledge, and research to help his clients. Brian has advised celebrities, captains of industry, families of victims, people in transition, teens in crisis, and everyone in  between, both young and old.

Brian Hunter was always told he was beyond his years and called an old soul.  As early as 9 years old, he was the one other kids went to for advice and counsel.  However, only in recent years has he more fully developed his abilities and put them to greater use. Today, Brian Hunter possesses strong psychic talents in various areas including the ability to sense thoughts and feelings from others (Empath), the ability to communicate with the departed in the spirit world (Medium), and other abilities such as Dream Interpretation, Healings, and some Clairvoyance.  

Brian has focused much of his talents on helping others by providing emotional and spiritual counseling in many areas including depression, suicide prevention, life coaching, conflict resolution, death/loss, spiritual guidance, and many other issues.  Brian also does work with missing persons and cold murder cases, as well as working on matters involving hauntings, ghosts, and paranormal events.  Brian’s diversity and natural discretion has allowed him to help celebrities, business leaders, teens, adults, and the elderly, all in different places around the world. 

Brian has been listed as one of the Top 40 Most Trusted Psychics in the world (from a pool of over 850) in a new book by Maximillien de Lafayette and UFO's & Supernatual Magazine, and to be listed in other books and publications as well.Brian completed filming the 4th pilot episode of the TV show Missing Peace with his psychic and investigator teammates, including  Bobby Brown from Dog The Bounty Hunter.  They worked the Norma Lopez murder case in the Los Angeles area.  View the new Norma Lopez Episode HERE.  View the episode before that which we shot in SF for  the Brandon Evans episode HERE.  Episodes have been shot in San Francisco, Denver, and Los Angeles. Brian has made guest appearances on Women for Women IHeart Radio, HV Talk Radio, CBS Radio, World Puja Network, BlogTalk Radio, and Para-X Radio.

Brian travels around the world visiting ancient mystical sites, abbeys, cathedrals, and grave yards, in his continuing journey to further develop his experiences and connections with the beyond.

Brian has had numerous paranormal and spiritual experiences at a variety of these sites. The experiences include those of deceased spirits giving messages, surrounding him with energy, giving knowledge and abilities, and most notibily some contacts with Saints including Edward the Confessor and St. Dubricius.  Brian uses these contacts and experiences to assist in his work for his clients and healing. Saints are now included as part of his council of guides and priviledge Brian to a higher level of consciousness and abilities.  

Brian now does lots of work using medical intuition and healing.  If you think you can benefit from Brian's medical intuitive sessions or healing, then consider his various session packages on his web site

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