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Cathy Towle

 Spirit Medium, Shaman & Sacred Life Consultant

For the past 30 years, Cathy Towle has worked in the field of spirituality, as a tarot diva and astrologer, medium, spirit-led shaman, minister and spiritual leader.

While developing tools for lasting change with spiritual leaders, and listening to the frustration of people seeking to make their lives better, Cathy saw a disconnect. The leaders were frustrated that people were not getting it, and the people were frustrated because they were not getting the results they needed. Having undergone her own  dramatic change supported by her shamanic path, Cathy realized that the spirit world might hold an answer. As she relied more and more on her spirit connection for direction, and less and less on “knowing” what to do, a way of working emerged that has had a huge impact on her clients.

For Cathy, change in her life had come from 2 kinds of life-cracking moments, which created the modern version of “shaman sickness” that brings a potential shaman to their work. Living in NYC during 9-11 woke up her repressed Mediumship abilities in 2001, leading her to close her successful design business and work in the field of spirituality full time as both a medium and spirituality brand consultant/curriculum developer. In 2009, she suffered a series of setbacks that furthered this change. Starting with her mothers illness and death, her husbands job loss and battle with depression, increasing financial difficulties which led to 2 moves, and then the loss of her father, it could have been overwhelming. But due to the strong guidance she received, it became a time of both miracles and resilience, the help of wonderful people, and the incredible loving presence of spirit guidance every step of the way. Having had to trust spirit on the deepest of levels, Cathy healed from paralyzing shyness, shame, loss, PTSD, and her fears about embracing a shamanic led life. The continual work of applying her insights to her own problems, as well as those of her clients, has formed the basis for the spiritual lifestyle methods she teaches in her consultations and courses.

Cathy has one simple mission:

To empower people to move past blocks and thrive,

healing past trauma with shamanism, mediumship, and tarot.

Forever Family Mediums: Cathy Towle, Janet Mayer, Lee Ashley, Laura Lynn Jackson and Kim Russo

She has been called “a gentle force of spirit wallop” and “one of the finest mediums in the field.” The editor of Chelsea Now Newspaper called her “A Medium who’s obviously got Premium Cable,” after he saw her work during a year-long investigation of the Merchants House Museum. Andrew Harvey calls her “a tremendously gifted channel with the finest antennae.”

Cathy is on the Executive Council of the NGO Committee for Spirituality, Values and Global Concerns-NY, which is in consultative status with the UN, and co-chairs the CSVGC Eco-Spiritual Working Group. She has been working behind the scenes at the United Nations since 2007. She co-founded the Institute for Sacred Activism with Andrew Harvey in 2006 and was part of Deepak Chopra’s Global Leadership Initiative (now the Evolutionary Leaders). Cathy is certified by the Forever Family Foundation Mediumship Program, and was Readers Choice finalist for Best Psychic Medium in 2013. She is one of a few non-indigenous people initiated into West African spiritualist tradition. Her work was the subject of a web series Notablez, produced by Archetypes Productions, as well as feature article on “Manhattan’s Most Haunted House” blog, and spiritual radios hosts love having her on their shows.

Cathy’s other stats include:  Tera Mai Reiki and Seichem Master, Sakara Master studying with Kathleen Milner, ordained Interfaith Minister by One Spirit Interfaith Seminary. Member of Sturges Paranormal Research Group in NYC and having conducted research at the Merchant’s House Museum and The Bartow Pell House in the Bronx. As a medium, she has also conducted Mediumship Afterlife Tests and experiments with the University of Virginia. She is also writing for Chelsea Now Newspaper in Lower Manhattan.

Cathy lives in Brooklyn, NY with her family.

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