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Christopher Taylor

Power & Peace Facilitator/Astrologer & Certified Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator

Certified Angel Card Reader

I grew up in the small American city of Worcester, MA where I attended Catholic school for most of my childhood. I also served as an altar boy for a few years at my local church providing me with some experience regarding traditional religious philosophies and teachings. I decided to attend college straight out of high school and then I didn’t stop going until I had completed 8 years of schooling and had completed3 science degrees (BS in Meteorology (2001), MS in Atmospheric Science (2003), & MESM in Environmental Science & Management (2005)). 

UC Davis Masters Thesis (MS - Atmospheric Science) 

Bren School of Environmental Science & Management/UC Santa Barbara - Masters Thesis 

Essentially, I possess a strong formal scientific background and yet I utilize ancient metaphysical toolslike Astrology in my every day life and in my professional practice. But how can THAT be?

Growing up, I pretty much did what I was told and what I was ‘supposed’ to do, while privately opening myself to and secretly exploring alternative metaphysical topics. I knew there was 'more' to life than just following the rules and sticking to the 'grind' and I had always felt at an intuitive level that there was some greater wisdom in metaphysical concepts that just needed to be grounded into an explainable form. I saw it as more of a communication issue than a validity issue.

My first inclinations towards tools like Astrology were pretty skeptical. With my traditional upbringing and with 8 college years of mechanistic, scientific principles molded into my psyche, it was difficult not topolarize my opinions and to see Astrology and other metaphysical tools as neither tangible nor measurable and therefore unsubstantial

Like most people who grow up in our modern times with our modern values, my world had been left-brained dominated. Fortunately, my right-brain (intuition & creativity), though long ignored, has NEVER died. Internal intuitive inclinations regarding Astrology and other metaphysical realities eventually drew me toward discovering their wisdom. 

For example, in terms of the Tropical Zodiac, the Sun was in Pisces when I was born. I had always heard descriptions of what it means to 'be' a Pisces…spacey, dreamy, creative, mystic, poetic, spineless, etc. But my honest opinion of the Pisces description was that it seemed to describe me only in terms of how I felt about myself on the inside when I was isolated from other people. I saw 'some' truth' to it but the description certainly didn't impress me with a sense of profound epiphany regarding my true holistic essence.

In terms of my outward demeanor, I felt as though I was quite the opposite of this description. Externally, I would describe myself as logical, practical, grounded, analytical and maybe a bit overcritical at times. If anything, I had felt that I could fit the description of a Virgo (the opposite of Pisces) even better than that of Pisces. It wasn’t until I came across my Natal Chart for the first time that I discovered there could be any real validity to Astrology.

When I saw my complete chart for the first time I realized that there was much more to Astrology than Sun signs that we see in the newspaper. For example, I learned that along with the Sun there are 2 other VERY important astrological pieces that make up what are known as ‘the big three’ in Astrology. These other two important considerations include in which sign the Moon was located at birth and what part of the sky (i.e. what sign) was 'rising' in the east at that time (i.e. the Ascendant). 

It turns out that, for me, the Moon was in Virgo and it was rising in the east directly opposite my PiscesSun (which was setting) as I was being birthed! In fact, the moment of my birth was during the peak of a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at sunset...which is quite rare actually. I wasn't JUST a Pisces after all and when I considered some of the opposing Virgo-like qualities related to my Moon and Ascendent, it started making a lot more sense to me. In astrological speak, I am considered a 'double-Virgo' with a Pisces Sun. At the point of this discovery, I then became VERY interested in the wisdom of Astrology, almost to the point of obsession (typical double-Virgo ;)). But I initially kept my interest somewhat secret and just privately observed astrological charts and important astrological time periods as I continued to live my life as I had previously. Though, after several years of private observation, I was consistently impressed with the accuracy of  Astrology from both the perspective of birth charts and as a tool for personal growth for myself and others. 

Regarding astrological theory, (using my chart as an example) the Moon and the Ascendant have a lot to do with childhood conditioning while the Sun represents more of the true inner nature and soul intentions. Only taking into account these three components relative to my chart, the short translation is that my experience included being conditioned to be logical, practical, and to do what I was told…very left-brained (hence the heavy schooling and the ‘good soldier’ Virgo persona). But internally I am much more creative, dreamy, metaphysically oriented and trusting of life (i.e Pisces). I was conditioned to plan EVERYTHING and that life is in a constant state of 'falling apart' when all components of life are not completely controlled and meticulously planned. Unfortunately, these values just happen to be the

opposite values relative to my true inner nature. I was essentially conditioned to be the opposite of who I am and to deny my true nature

What this brief part of my chart suggests is that part of my path in this life is toward learning to trust and learning to open myself up to taking chances in life…very right-brained and creative concepts. If I had never learned to trust life and take chances I’d still be doing the Virgo thing with Astrology (i.e. analyzing and observing it) and I never would have just jumped into it and owned my personal truth as an actual practitioner of this ancient wisdom. I could have easily thought of a million more criticisms and excuses as to why I am just ‘not ready’ yet. I personally thank Taylor Smith (a Sacramento Astrologer with over 25 years of experience, including TV a radio) for encouraging me to get out from behind the shadows and start being me.

Embracing my true right-brained Piscean nature has opened me up to more than just Astrology. I now attend many metaphysical gatherings where I practice my creative and intuitive skills to balance my

well developed scientific and logical approach to life.

My style as an advisor for individuals, business owners and community leaders blends my inner intuition with my well developed outer logic. I approach speaking engagements and consultations with empathy and compassion while remaining helpfully objective and honest. Most with whom I engage would agree (and my chart would concur) that I possess the natural gifts of a counselor and coach.

With over 10 years of experience as a practitioner of the ancient art of astrology, I combine compassionate logic  inborn intuition to provide clients with a practical understanding of the unconscious creations that have led to their current life experiences. I assist my clients in becoming more conscious of their unconscious creations to instill a sense of power in exercising free will to direct the experiences of their own futures. I believe that with consciousness comes the POWER to release in the present that which no longer serves us and to create in the present that which will serve us in the future. 


Christopher Robert Taylor

Favorite Quotation

"We do not see things as they are. We see things as we are."

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