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Dr Judith Swack

Healing From The Body Level UP

Healing From The Body Level UP

Judith A. Swack, Ph.D., originator of Healing from the Body Level Up methodology, is a Biochemist/Immunologist, Master NLP Practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist, Mind/Body Healer, visionary and leader in the field of Energy Psychology. 

 Dr. Swack has presented her dramatic results live on national television and at international conferences. She has published numerous articles in scientific, professional, and popular journals.

 Dr. Swack is among the authors of best-selling book, Success Starts Today, a collaboration of expert advice on achieving success anchored by Jack Canfield. She also authored a chapter "Healing from the Body Level Up" in the industry-defining publication, Energy Psychology in Psychotherapy: A Comprehensive Source Book. 

Dr. Swack is a recipient of the 2015 ACEP award for major contribution to the field of Energy Psychology. She offers trainings both nationally and abroad. Continuing Education Credits are available for social workers, counselors and nurses. For more information please go to 

 Dr. Swack has a private practice in Needham, MA. She and her associates offer individual client sessions in person, by Skype or by telephone. 

For more information please see her website 

Fall 2018:  Clearing Curses in Seconds Changing Bad Luck to Good 
with Judith Swack and Medical Intuitive Lynn Waldrop of The Body Channel

Click here to listen to Lynn’s interview with Judith and purchase the recording of this 4 hourtraining teleseminar. 

complete with written instructions.

Eliminate Unnecessary Suffering with HBLU™

Dr. Judith Swack personally knows what that is like, which is why, as a biomedical scientist,she decided to develop a mind/body healing method that works quickly and reproducibly.

Dr. Swack integrated original research and biomedical science with state of the art techniques from Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Energy Psychology (EFT), hypnosis, psychology, spiritual traditions and more to treat a wide range of blocks from simple phobias to complex dysfunctional family system patterns.

The result is Healing from the Body Level Up™ (HBLU™) a unique and effective mind/body/spirit healing methodology that can help you get unstuck and eliminate unnecessary suffering and struggle by clearing mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual blocks to success so you can finally achieve your goals!

The Unconscious Mind is the Key.

The breakthrough came during a self-help workshop where she learned that we all have an unconscious mind that is the home of our emotions, dreams, imagination, creativity, body reactions and habits!

Astonishingly, the unconscious mind runs 90% of our lives even including, to a large extent, our physical health! The conscious mind, our rational logical mind runs very little of our lives, and yet we mistakenly believe that it is in charge.

Patterns in the unconscious mind cause you to keep doing what you know is not healthy and getting into problem situations even though that is not what you intend.

Trying to talk yourself out of it, and even yelling at yourself doesn’t change anything.

So, when you’ve done your best to solve life’s problems, but find that they are not under voluntary control, you are experiencing unconscious self-sabotage.

HBLU™ then accesses a menu of mind body spirit therapies and techniques to find the one that eliminate these patterns at all levels.

By doing this, people have achieved exceptional results in a short amount of time even when other methods have failed. For over 30 years, HBLU™ has helped people:

HBLU™ helps people rapidly achieve the results they want to live full, happy, healthy and satisfying lives.

Maybe it can help you, too.

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