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Lanna Spencer

Multidimensional Psychic & Medical Intuitive & Shamanic Practitioner 


Lanna Spencer is a Multidimensional Psychic, Medical Intuitive, Shamanic Practitioner, & Conscious dream studies teacher with over 40 years experience.  Lanna specializes in offering cutting edge consciousness tools, 1 on 1 sessions, immersion classes, & extended mentoring/apprenticeships to facilitate your Dynamic soul awakening & emergence.  You are the New Wave of Human Being©.

Lanna was born in 1960, fully awake and aware of her psychic abilities which have grown stronger as she has grown older.  She is able to see, describe, and interact with energy on the quantum level and  is adeptly able to facilitate the physical, perceptual and energetic changes needed within a person to restore balance, personal power, & regenerate and rejuvenate yourself.  Through the modalities of quantum seeing, energy restoration & healing , conscious journeying, dreaming & cosmic play she will help you restore lost vitality, reignite your feeling of belonging and wholeness, help instill new passion, purpose, personal power, and focus.  

"We live in very interesting and exciting times where everyday magic can occur and joyous 

adventures in consciousness await" ~ Lanna Spencer

Earth is undergoing a huge paradigm shift.  The planet has shifted from a third Dimensional “3D” linear time based perspective of reality and is awakening into a multidimensional perspective within” 5D”.  With all major paradigm shifts comes a period of dynamic expansion, great tension & transition where both perspectives  exist simultaneously within us and in our outer world until a tipping point occurs and a consensus is attained by the collective consciousness.

For most, this new way of being is uncharted territory. Humanity is currently in a dynamic state of expansion while simultaneously learning to bridge the old and the new paradigms. It can be quite challenging to see, sense, or feel yourself as part of something larger, freer, and more expansive on the one hand while also simultaneously undergoing a sense that everything that you previously knew is somehow deconstructing and reconstructing itself into something completely new and sometimes indescribable. Then there is the practical question of what to do with all of this new consciousness information and SHIFTING ?  How is this useful? How can I make this new awareness my own and put it into practice in a whole new way of being? What is the major difference between perceiving through the 3D lens versus my 5D self? 

As you begin to interact with your wider nature an energetic bridge is formed within you.  There in the center of your Heart lies a magical gateway.  Shifting into the perspective of 5D (the Multiverse) allows you to experience your wholeness.  The density & burdens of your past Karmic experiences can be re-purposed & lifted from you allowing your Magical being to emerge; dynamically present & joyfully curious as you begin to engage in a whole new type of Cosmic adventure with your life and the Universe. 

My classes and 1 on 1 sessions are designed to help you 

integrate your greater Soul's story 

As you will discover, regular practice and participation in high vibrational entrainment exercises and group activities helps  anchor (within) and amplify (without) the New Earth paradigm. Additionally, contained within collective consciousness lies an exponentially powerful energy potential to effect change individually and  on a global level.

The bottom line is you get to choose whether or not to live a Soul Driven Life™.  The "how" of it can be a Joyful adventure in consciousness.

Bright blessings-Lanna

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