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Pamela Nine

Psychic Medium & Intuitive Counselor & Spiritual Development Educator

Pamela Nine is an internationally recognized Professional Intuitive Counselor and Spiritual Medium. She is also an accredited writer, spiritual development educator and speaker, and owner of Nine Wellness, located in Knoxville, TN USA. 

Pamela offers telephone, personal and group intuitive counseling sessions by appointment. She is also available for event bookings, workshops, speaking engagements and media appearances in the U.S. and abroad. For additional information, Pamela may be contacted by telephone at, 865-531-9086 and email at, 

Pamela's professional career of more than thirty years has been dedicated to wellness and assisting others attain further consciousness and spiritual advancement. She has provided service to thousands of people from all walks of life, all over the world, through her counseling, publications, spiritual apprenticeship program, classes and workshops. 

When Pamela began doing this type of work professionally many years ago, she was guided to use the term “Intuitive Counseling” rather than the term “Psychic Reading” which is more commonly associated with psychic and medium work. She views her Intuitive Counseling work as being “in-service” and along with accurate detailed information, she also provides spiritual guidance and support to those who come to her for assistance. Pamela is actively involved in the spiritual community and has helped many to discover and develop their own personal spiritual gifts.

Missing children is also an area of personal significance for Pamela. She is very dedicated to the delicate and confidential nature of these types of cases. She uses her gifts to work as a psychic investigator with families and law enforcement officials on current and cold missing child cases nationwide.

Pamela has an international following which includes, The United States, Canada, Mexico, Peru, The United Kingdom, Italy, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Greece, Spain, Norway, Poland, Egypt, The Ukraine, India, China, Japan, and Australia.

Throughout her professional career, Pamela has received extensive exposure in the press and media. She is featured on online websites nationwide. She also  received the "Extraordinary Woman" award from the Knoxville News Sentinel, in 2002, and is publicized as a “Messenger of Spirit”  and "One of the most gifted Psychics and Mediums in America.”

Pamela has made appearances on a number of television broadcasts including, Spiritual Broadcasting Network, WBIR Channel 10: "Style" and "Live at Five" and  CTV Channel 12: "New Age Paradigm" and "Health, Energy and Awareness" and many more.

She has been a featured guest on radio shows nationwide including, Horne Radio Network, Think Again Radio, WIVK 107.7, WIMZ 103.5, Internet Radio, BlogTalk Radio, Psychic Access Talk Radio, Psychic Radio, CBS Radio, Inner Child Radio, 12 Radio, GHTalk Radio and Mike Spirit FM (UK) Radio to name a few.

She has also been interviewed and featured in the United States and International press by Eternal Spirit (United Kingdom), The Associated Press, Elle Magazine, CityView Magazine, Examiner, Knoxville News Sentinel, Knoxville Journal, Oak Ridger, Farragut Press, Metro Pulse, Perspectives, Bountiful Health, Natural Awakenings, and many other publications.

Pamela's Gifts

Pamela is a natural-born psychic, intuitive and medium. She inherited her unique gifts from her Maternal Grandmother and several past generations thereof. Her gifts were discovered at the very young age of five. Since then, Pamela has dedicated more than thirty years to the profession of wellness, service and helping others.

During childhood, Pamela was fascinated by the colors she saw around and within people. In later years, she learned these colors are known as auras and chakras. Over time and with immense study, she began to differentiate the color energies and associate them with personality traits and health issues. Through the ability to perceive these types of energies, Pamela is able to convey beneficial and even life-saving, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health related information to others.

Pamela’s psychic and intuitive abilities enable her to see, hear and feel Spirit, both physically and empathically. She also receives precognitive information through dreams and visions. She uses her gifts to receive and convey messages and insights about a persons life which are associated with their aura colors, chakra balance, personality traits, issues of mental, emotional and physical health, relationships, career, goals, talents, life lessons, life purpose, spiritual path guidance, and their past, present and future soul experiences. An Intuitive counseling Session with Pamela, also provide a means of teaching that each soul exists for the purpose of learning, growing and attaining further consciousness and spiritual advancement through love.

Pamela’s gift of mediumship enables her to share information about the presence of angels, spirit guides, spirit guardians, and loved ones in the spirit world. Through her ability to communicate messages of love and hope, to and from souls who have crossed over, she often brings peace and comfort to families suffering grief. Pamela sees the loss of a loved one, as one of the hardest lessons of the life journey, and considers mediumship work one of the most rewarding forms of grief counseling available.

Pamela credits all of her gifts to the grace of God and uses her special gifts as a “Messenger of Spirit” to receive and express spiritual messages through love and in-service. She welcomes all religions, traditions, spiritual paths and expressions. Her dedication and commitment is unparalleled in bringing forth spiritual and divine wisdom within her practices and teachings. Pamela often says, “My work in-service is very rewarding because those led to me for guidance, often discover a new understanding of the spiritual and divine gifts we have all been given, and the eternal life therein."

Personal Background

Pamela was born in Knoxville, TN and raised on what was once her grandparents’ 92-acre farm in Knox County, TN. She still lives in Knoxville with her two "miracle" sons, Andrew and Nicholas. Her two “miracle” sons were predicted by Pamela's dear friend and well known psychic, Bobby Drinnon, years after medical doctors diagnosed her unable to have biological children.

The unconditional love of Pamela’s late Maternal Grandmother and the exposure to her traditional Cherokee heritage played a major role in her spiritual path and desire to find truth beyond conventional teachings of religion and science. During this search for knowledge and truth, a mirage of life-changing events occurred. Through each process and lesson thereof, Pamela experienced countless miracles in her life and was spiritually guided to the knowledge that her true life purpose is to help and teach others through her spiritual gifts and love.

Professional Achievements

All throughout Pamela’s life, she has felt helping others is her purpose. In 1984, her professional career officially began as a surgical assistant to physicians of Ophthalmology, Facial Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery. In 1986, following extensive medical training, Pamela entered the comprehensive field of Permanent Cosmetics Dermapigmentation and became a Licensed, Board Certified Dermapigmentologist, Instructor, and Fellow of the American Academy of Micropigmentation. She also founded “Permanent Cosmetics Derma Centre” and “Permanent Cosmetics International Training Institute.”

As time went on Pamela realized she was being guided through her work to help people discover their “inner” beauty, along with their “outer” beauty, and opened her “Inner Vision Wellness Centre” business in 2001. Pamela became a Certified Reiki Master and Teacher, in 2003. She was also Ordained as a Non-Denominational Minister and continued her studies online of world religions to receive a Doctorate of Philosophy Degree in Religious studies, in 2004.

In 2005, Pamela restructured her businesses to form “Nine Wellness Centre and Nine Wellness International” with a Cosmetic Division and an Alternative & Holistic Health Division, and more recently has changed the business name to "Nine Wellness."

Pamela is an accredited and published writer with articles and writings featured in multiple media venues. And she has also had both the honor and privilege of studying and working with a number of very gifted and highly respected individuals and spiritual teachers in her personal and professional life.

Onward Focus

While Pamela continues fulfilling her vision and life purpose, she is in the process of developing a series of meditation CDs, and currently writing her "Journey of Spiritual Awakening" as a new book. Her new book will include a meditation CD, and share her amazing personal journey and divine spiritual revelations. Her book is also designed to serve as a guide to others for becoming closer to Spirit, and for discovering their own personal, divine and spiritual gifts of inner awareness, truth, healing, and unconditional love.

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