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Raquel Spencer

Multi-Dimensional Energy/Light Specialist & Teacher

Raquel’s Story

I am a Multi-Dimensional Energy/Light Specialist, teacher, facilitator and author. I recalibrate and activate your energetic pathways to reawaken your body’s innate ability to utilize Light.

RaquelSpencer-569Within your DNA are the instructions to evolve, or more accurately remember your truth. The truth there is much more occurring than your current awareness perceives.

The process of transformation or enlightenment produces a shift, bringing more Light/energy into your physical cellular structure and personal energy matrix. With more “Light as information” within our body, your soul begins to remember who you are. When the body holds sufficient Light, you are able to perceive beyond this current physical experience. This is the catalyst for spiritual awakening and remembering you are a vast Being of Light who is here to Co-create your life walking in integrity.

My spiritual journey began after waking from a five-week unexplained medical coma in 1985. The coma marked the beginning of my own personal awakening. A graduate of California State University-Sacramento with a B.S. in Business, I worked with Fortune 100 companies for more than twenty years.

In 2009 I left the corporate world to become a full time metaphysical and spiritual teacher with clients around the globe. I have been recognized by world renowned spiritual forerunners, North and South American shamans, Hindu priests and Tibetan lamas alike as a “key player” in the advancement of human consciousness. Today, I teach and support a growing audience of metaphysicians, truth seekers and initiates worldwide through workshops, conferences, special events, private one-on-one sessions and small group journeys to sacred sites.

In 1991, I realized that what I experienced during that medical trauma was actually aj ourney into other realms of existence and consciousness, preparing me for the spiritual work I am to do in this lifetime.

I went through what is called a ‘soul braid’, weaving together many aspects of my Higher Self. This process was so intense that my physical body almost couldn’t handle it. I was pronounced dead three times. While in this expanded yet unconscious state, my matrix was encoded with information in a time-released format. I have agreed to bring through this knowledge to assist humanity with awakening to the truth of who they are.

I have been referred to as a Multi-Dimensional Computer, an Energetic Electrician, a Master Healer of Cellular Light, a Cosmic Shaman, Human Computer Programmer and a Cosmic Light Body Specialist.  But mainly I see myself as a Catalyst for the Expansion of Human Consciousness.

During the soul braid, I received a downloading of information and a re-wiring of my physical and energy bodies. This re-wiring enabled me to bring through/transmit multi-dimensional frequencies without ‘frying’ my system.

In 1991, I was led to my first true spiritual teacher, albeit a very non-conventional one. Tachi-Ren was a full walk-in of Archangel Ariel. Her direct and no-nonsense approach to what was really happening rang true to the very core of my being. She performed energy activations for me which fired my codes, releasing the knowledge and memory of why I was here.  I spent one weekend with her in a group setting and then I never saw her again.

As a Multi-Dimensional Energy Specialist, I work directly with your energy systems to clear, activate and upgrade your bodies to handle your true essence. My purpose is to help you embody your own unique Divine Light and remember the truth of who you are ~ a Master of Light.

The re-wiring of my system enables me to handle and facilitate an immense amount of energy at one time, allowing for simultaneous healing to occur on many levels for those I work with. My system/matrix/body is specifically designed to handle these multi- dimensional frequencies to shift energy systems quickly and efficiently.

Various channels over the years have given me a deeper and more complete understanding of the energies that I carry and the work that I am here to do. A few of the confirmations include: an Adept knowledge of “Cosmic Anatomy”, Sound, Color and Frequency Healing, Master Gridworker, Master Healer of Cellular Light, Advanced Light Body Specialist, and Master of Light and Ancient Languages. These confirmations have been provided by many cutting-edge Spiritual leaders including: Ken Carey, Barbara Hand Clow, Barbara Marcinak, Tachi Ren, to name a few you may recognize.

I am able to access skills from lifetimes as a Hathor, Tibetan Monk, Egyptian Priestesses, Master Healer in the Temple of One, Atla-Ra, ‘Law of One’ in Atlantis, Indigenous Shamans and several other sojourns on Sirius, Arcturus, the Pleiades’s and other star systems throughout the universes.

As a multi-dimensional energy channel,

I transmit sound and Light frequencies through toning and speaking Ancient and Light Languages, bringing in encodements and activations for your awakening.

These languages bypass the ego self speaking directly to your soul, DNA / RNA and energy templates, acting as a catalyst for healing and activation. This often results in a deep healing and awakening of your true gifts, talents, mission and connection to Divine Source.

As my journey of awakening continues, I follow the promptings of Spirit to be in service to Gaia and humanity. In doing so, I have traveled to many sacred places including: Bali, Peru, Ireland, Central America, the Caribbean, Hawaii, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Bolivia, Romania and across the United States. I assist with the anchoring of Light and help raise the frequency of the people and places I encounter.

I am honored to be considered one of the ‘Next Generation’s Transformational Visionaries and Leaders’.  My mission is to assist humanity to expand their perceptions, to help individuals embody their own unique soul essence and awaken to the truth that we are ALL Multi-Dimensional Masters of Light.

I AM fully dedicated to being a Divine Instrument of Light!

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