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Welcome, y’all! Thank you for visiting the site of Robin “Raj” Munger, The Mystic Cowgirl. Here is a little background on how The Mystic Cowgirl was born. Raj was raised on a ranch, surrounded by nature and a variety of farm animals. At a very young age, she realized that the manner in which she connected with animals was quite different from the ways other people did. Raj was able to actually see and communicate with the spirits of the animals, both living ones and those that had crossed over.


Raj’s gift for connecting to animal spirits soon evolved into her being able to do the same with humans. She quickly began to be able to communicate, with very detailed information, to those on the other side. Throughout her life, Raj honed her abilities and now enjoys helping people all across the globe through psychic and mediumship work, as well as healing and Karmic soul coaching.


To date, Raj’s experiences have had a profound impact on her and she has made it her mission in life to teach others and help them connect to Spirit. Combining the two seemed to be a natural fitting, one that speaks to how Raj lives her life, in service of others. The Mystic Cowgirl exemplifies the body, mind, spirit, and soul connection.


Raj is a proud member of Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics, tested, ethical and accurate. Raj has the ability to bring forth information from loved ones that have crossed over. This allows the peace, closure and confirmation that we need to move forward and discover the knowing that dying is simply a new form of life beyond the physical body.

Message from RAJ

Hello all, my name is Robin “Raj” Munger.

I was given the nick name of Raj when I was very young by my three older siblings and it never left me.  This was my sign that I was different from the very start.  The name actually means “King” in Sanskrit, although it was not given with that intention.


Feel free to call me Raj, as everyone who knows my authentic self refers to me as this.  It is clear to me that there are no accidents in life and the gifts that were bestowed upon me were evident early on.  Animals, plants, sports and movement allowed me to find a sense of peace and knowing.  Horses were my true passion and I continue to incorporate them into my everyday life to this day.   I also found an enormous sense of kinship with elderly people. Their knowledge and life experience, including history, was a way for me to learn from and have them guide and mentor me.


I have been a massage therapist and healer practicing energy medicine for over twenty five years, studying ancient modalities of healing.  This allowed me to enhance my psychic medium abilities.  I have studied with some amazing teachers over the years, including James Van Praagh, a trailblazer in this industry.


I have been able to combine all my gifts in my readings to fully live my life’s purpose. While doing body work was important, it is possible to achieve the same results via long distance.  I am able to see how people’s thoughts affect their aura and energy flows, and how that can manifest in our bodies and in return, affect our health.  With the help of my guides and those that have passed over, I am able to give clients evidential information to provide healing, and in most cases, closure and peace in their lives.  Spirit works as subtly through me as I am in real life (not so subtle).



In order to do this calling, it is of the utmost importance to be my authentic self.  I often refer to myself as a cross between hillbilly and Buddha, which happens to be the title of my book I will be publishing in the near future.  While this work is important and serious on many levels, I find that the spirits that come through during readings often show their sense of humor, which I am able to relay with ease.


In order to further help my clients, I studied more to become a coach, with the laws of the Universe being my guide.  It was obvious to me that we, as humans, create the lessons we need to complete in life or our karmic contracts.  I offer karmic soul coaching in order to move through specific struggles that keep showing up over and over again.  It is important to remember that we are infinite spiritual beings living a temporary human existence.


The biggest part of my own personal karmic contract and lessons in life is to be the best mother I can be.  This is truly a job of the heart and one that makes me examine those parts of me that constantly get challenged.  I am a single mother of three amazing young ladies, teenagers; yes it is a three lane highway in my house.  I often tell people if they don’t want to look in a mirror, do not have children.  These souls come through us, not to us, and to keep in mind what the objective is every single day. I know our world will be a better place for it.



Conscious parenting, in my opinion, should be a global concern.  Therefore I am offering coaching on conscious parenting, and parenting through divorce.  If you are a single parent, not to worry, you are not alone and welcome to the fifty percent plus club!


Being a psychic medium, a healer, animal communicator and karmic soul coach is a calling and life’s purpose for me, one that I have made a commitment to do and one that I take very seriously.  It is my karmic contract and I give my energy and time to reading with the utmost respect for the client and with an enormous sense of duty.  I look forward to continuing my work and assisting those that are ready and willing to heal and grow.




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