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Shellee Castle Hale 

Psychic Sleuth ~ Cold Case Expert

Shellee  is a constituent for the Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC), which is a Federal Advisory Committee with a U.S. Government Charter to promote security cooperation between American business and private sector interests worldwide and the U.S. Department of State,  a member of Infragard and is a graduate of the Seattle FBI Citizens Academy and member of the FBI-CAAA.

Shellee is a two term board member of the Washington Association of Legal Investigators (WALI), a member of Infragard, FBI-CAAA, OSAC, NASAR-National Association of Search and Rescue, S2 Safety & Security Institute

Specialties Include:

* Cyber Tracing

* Dataveillance

* Profiling

* Detecting Deception

* Tracking Missing Persons

Camandago, Inc.

Camandago, Inc. is one of the nation’s top diversified media and information companies focussed on missing persons. Our major interests include newspaper publishing, radio broadcasting and internet businesses to support those missing in America and around the Globe.

• Publishing • Crisis Support • Broadcasting • Missing Person Recovery • Criminal Profiling • Private Invesigations • Crime Victims Advocacy

Office: (USA) 425-450-9000 24 hr Cell: (USA) 425-246-9136 

Ms. Hale has training and invaluable skills in grief counseling, understanding near death experiences, lifestyle coaching and development of intuition in decision making. She is one of two CERTIFIED ISSC Intuitives passing rigorous independent blind testing as to her abilities to access information from the non-local informational domain on a reliable basis. – Melvin L. Morse, MD 

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